Las Vegan Fantasies

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The Grand Canal

Las Vegas’ fantasy mixes night with day, real with unreal, in with out. Venetian gondoliers serenade passengers past sidewalk cafes toward St. Mark’s Square under an always-light sky.

St. Mark's Square






There, you might find a living statute, but at least can tell you’re inside because there are clouds in the sky.







St. Mark's








Walk a few steps and you might find yourself admiring an elegant ceiling or an airy courtyard where balloons and a snake celebrate the Chinese New Year.























If you enter the Forum Shops at Caesar’s Palace, you find yourself surrounded by three balconied stories connected by curved escalators.









Down a street, you might run into Neptune.








The Luxor’s pyramid presents a different version of colossal, where internal hallways, Hyatt-like, look down on the action.

Inside Luxor









“The Year of the Snake” decorations enlivened the Mirage’s conservatory.











How about the elegant registration desk at Paris?


Paris registration







Let alone the glass ceiling:









A Parisian street offers a chance for a romantic evening stroll…


Paris Street









…while New York’s nightime glitz appears in Times Square and on Broadway.


Times Square















But there’s also space for a quiet neighborhood, complete with fire escapes and window air conditioners.









Still — this “is” New York — there has to be something outrageous, like a jelly-bean Statue of Liberty.


Jelly Beans, really?









The massive MGM Grand has one lion outside and another in the lobby.


MGM lion







More surprising was the collection of wildlife from the rainforest.























A wander through Las Vegas casinos offers a continually changing kaleidoscope of place and time. Soon you begin to expect the unexpected, even a restroom faucet complete with video ad.

MGM faucet

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  1. Sherri March 22, 2013 at 3:48 pm · Reply

    This is amazing! Great pictures!

    • Roger March 30, 2013 at 12:04 am · Reply

      Thanks. It’s a different world, rather like Disney for adults.

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