Life at Mount Cook’s The Hermitage

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Aoraki Mount Cook National Park is dominated by beauty, but very limited in its selection of commercial accommodations and restaurants. The Hermitage is the premier lodge and the only option other than a backpacker hostel or family cabins.




Its elegance and comfort is only matched by its prices. ($209 for least expensive room.) The views from the grounds, lounges, balconies, and restaurants are breath-taking.




The beds and showers are luxurious. We enjoyed the continental breakfast buffet in their Alpine Restaurant ($17 per person) but passed on the dinner buffet there ($62 per person).

We chose instead to eat in the Chamois Bar & Grill, connected with the Backpacker Lodge. We happened on their special BBQ night, when they suspend their regular menu and serve a buffet which included salad and lamb, beef, and sausage cooked on a charcoal grill. ($23 per person) The view from the outdoor picnic table seating area was still great.


The Hermitage also houses a museum honoring Sir Edmund Hillary, who with his partner Tensing, was the first to summit Mt. Everest, and the first to drive a vehicle to the South Pole. This famous New Zealander honed his climbing skills on Mt Cook.



The theatre at the Hermitage also could be converted to a planetarium. We were fascinated by a show offered from a southern hemisphere point of view about the night sky and beyond.

A picture taken on the morning of our second day, from the same balcony as earlier shots, shows just how lucky we were with the weather on our first day. (The clouds did dissipate by noon and once again reveal the view.)














2 Comments on "Life at Mount Cook’s The Hermitage"

  1. Vonnie and Evan February 26, 2012 at 6:47 pm · Reply

    Hey you guys! This is great. We are seeing the website for the first time and you are once again so impressive in your efforts! You are so lucky to see these views in such a wonderful place. -Evan

    Glad to hear it is all going so swimmingly. And from one of your posts, glad to hear you are carrying on the American tradition of shopping even though you do not need to buy anything! It is snowing here as we write this but the days are getting longer and signs of spring are in the woods with snowdrops blooming, indian plum opening their leaves and some small daffodils coming alive.

    Will check your blog more often now that we have found it. Love to you both and happy travels. Vonnie

    • Kyanne March 1, 2012 at 10:06 pm · Reply

      Thanks for the encouragement, the blog has been work, but at least our travel “scrapbook” will be done by the time we get home. We have now shipped home 2 boxes of souveniers – probably enough shopping! At least you give me hope that when we get home, spring will be on the way. Kyanne

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