A Woman’s Perspective on How Packless is Working

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We’ve been traveling for 25 days and I have been living with 1 blouse, 2 t-shirts, 1 pair of slacks, and 1 pair of shorts. I’m not sick of these clothes yet. I’ve found it rather liberating not having to decide between a closet full of clothes each morning. It has definitely been easy to “un-pack” in each new lodging place. We’ve had more than enough hangers everywhere.

I had wondered if I would feel funny being seen wearing the same clothing day after day by staff and guests in the condos where we were staying for a week. But by alternating the three different tops and sometimes tucking the top in and sometimes adding a neckless, it has not felt strange. I have enjoyed being “forced to” invest in a new neckless pendant and 2 new pairs of earrings! I haven’t yet felt that I needed any dressier clothes. Even at nice restaurants, people have clearly been casual in attire.

I did have one frightening evening when I splattered an oily pasta dressing on the front of my green silky t-shirt. I hid it that evening with my scarf and then washed the shirt by hand 3 times to get the stains out. But eventually, it worked.

The green REI performance tee has in general been great. Comfortable and dries in several hours. I am not as sure the light blue cotton Hornet Toad tee is going to hold up to a month more of wearing and being wrung out. It is still fine but beginning to look less new. The scoop neck has stretched out a little and the knit is taking on a well-worn, favorite shirt look. I may start looking a little in stores to see if I come across a replacement that would fit color wise with my other clothes. But right now it is more an excuse to browse than a necessity.

When we were in a surprisingly cool Hawaii, and changeably 60’s and low 70’s in Christchurch and Dunedin, I began to wonder if I should be carrying my shorts. But it has been great to have them in Wanaka where it has been closer to 80 all week.

I have missed having sandals, as I knew I would when wearing shorts. but I certainly haven’t been the only one wearing leather tennis shoes with shorts. So far it hasn’t made me want the space or weight of a carrying a pair of shoes in my small shoulder bag.

I’ve felt good about bringing most of the toiletry items. We haven’t yet needed the “paper” shampoo or laundry soap, as all the lodgings so far have supplied shampoo and we have been using dish wash liquid they supply to wash our clothes. (Here we have found the rooms include coffee and tea making equipment with china cups which they expect you to wash yourself – hence the soap.). We have bought more toothpaste when we ran out of the FFA
allowed size tube. Also, we will need to buy more sun block. But these are readily available.

My hair has been fine without a drier or curling iron. I realize I am lucky in that. I have washed it a little more often than at home where I can re-style it with an iron if needed.

All in all, it has been surprisingly fun to travel without my customary suitcase. I’ve felt smug watching others line up to check their bags as I just breeze on the bus and take a choice seat. Walking between bus and lodging has been easy also. We haven’t wanted a cab yet. So almost half way in on this vacation, I’ll still give Packless Travel a thumbs up.


5 Comments on "A Woman’s Perspective on How Packless is Working"

  1. Don February 13, 2012 at 2:11 am · Reply

    Still enjoying your comments!

  2. Ardith February 14, 2012 at 5:29 pm · Reply

    Glad things are going well, Kyanne. Liked your new scarf and jewelry!

    • Roger February 17, 2012 at 12:53 am · Reply

      We’ve especially thought of you when viewing the glacial moraine and when on a short stretch of the Able Tasman Track (post to follow).

  3. sheila garcia February 16, 2012 at 11:34 pm · Reply

    Hi Kyanne and Roger,
    You are inspiring. I like the idea of traveling as light as possible. I bicycled New Zealand for 2 1/2 months when I was 24 yrs old- with 2 panniers and a front basket. It is so reassuring that you are continuing with your packless travel and it is successful. Thanks for csharing your trip via this blog. Beautiful pictures!!

    • Roger February 17, 2012 at 12:49 am · Reply

      Thanks for the suooprt. It’s the cyclists on these hills that really impress us!

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