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We found the perfect place to stay for when you first arrive in New Zealand! A luxurious, but homelike haven for recuperating from jet lag, being introduced to Kiwi warmth and caring, and receiving advice and assistance about what to see and do in Christchurch – tailored to your specific interests, Wish (www.wishnz.com) is the place to come.

The gracious host, Ngarie Worsley, provides guests with a wonderful bed pulled high with comforter and pillows, an immaculate spacious private bath, your own family room perfect for reading (and with free wireless Internet for writing your blog!) complete with a huge TV and toys for children, and a delicious breakfast of homemade granola, homemade warm bread, yogurt and fresh fruit. The great French press coffee alone makes you want to get up and face the day!

Add to all this the sunny front deck, the fresh flowers in each room, and the welcoming glass of complimentary wine when you return from a day of sight-seeing, and you have a place “that is all you could wish for”.

To help our goal of being “packless” travelers, we were loaned a perfect drying rack for our clothes. And the warm bathrobes in the room are a special treat after washing clothes! Ngarie took us shopping to an outlet store for merino wool sweaters which we had decided to carry along until we get through the mountains. (Then we’ll mail them home before we head for the beach.) And she also took us to a store where I could see and learn about a 10-styles-in-one dress for some later trip where I need more dressy clothing. Such personalized service that is way over and beyond.

One crucial detail is you must book very early! Wish only takes one family or group at a time and after being picked as Lonely Planet’s editor’s choice, Ngarie gets 25 emails a day asking for reservations. She takes reservations 6 months in advance and we reserved on the first day of that 6 months!

Thank you Ngarie, for making us feel so welcome and starting our trip off right.


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  1. Ngarie January 29, 2012 at 8:04 pm · Reply

    Thanks Heaps!

    You folk were lovely guests. Still in awe of your pack-less travel.

    I thought we did well with our wash, were and a spare/share concept! Now I know we can do better -especially after seeing you arrive with no luggage just a tiny eco bag, smaller than my handbag.

    Thank you also for paying it forward to the Foster Children of NZ, with your generous tip for Kits2Kids too. I will get items for a kit on your behalf. It will be bigger than all your luggage put together but will be well needed by a child in care.

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