Estimating New Zealand Travel Costs

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Are you curious what it costs to travel to New Zealand? Our airline tickets were $2352 per person. We made the reservations month ago and broke up the trip with time in Hawaii each way. Today, out of curiosity, I priced a ticket from Seattle directly to New Zealand (with plane change in Los Angeles) and the fare was $2205 per person.

We have all our housing reservations for an average of about $90 a night in US dollars. We tried very hard to economize and are staying at a mixture of “budget” accommodations. Hotels and B & B’s averaged $97 per night, hostels were $81, and vacation cottage rentals were $80 per night. Those are all in US dollars. We made sure we will have our own bedroom with a private attached bathroom everywhere – even in the hostels. If you are planning to wash your only clothes each night, you don’t want to have to walk down the hall to do it! Hostels in New Zealand only have a few rooms like this, so booking early was essential. We chose hostels in Queenstown and in the bigger cities (Auckland and Wellington) as they were the only places within our budget. We’ll let you know as we go along how our choices turn out.

I already described how we found great deals on bus fares in my earlier discussion about planning. The cost of a rental car is about $37US per day. We are only renting cars twice for a few days each time.

I will let you know about food and entertainment costs as we go along. My impression from the guidebooks is that restaurant meals are more expensive in New Zealand than in most US towns. We’ll again be trying to economize by buying some food in grocery stores and “picnicking” occasionally. We are hoping we can eat for $100NZ a day. We’ll see.

Check back for my posts under “Money Matters”. We leave in 9 days!


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  1. Jim Wills- January 11, 2012 at 2:33 am · Reply

    Hey Roger: I am surprised that the everyday housing is or about $90. The overall costs must be about the same as in the US or even higher. I talked to Bill this afternoon and he is anxious to leave our weather and get to the warmer climate. I will be following you on your trip. It looks like you have all kinds of websites set up. A great picture of you two. Have a safe trip so until later, Jim

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