Packless to Portland

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packless to portland

For a “pure” shakedown, we parked our car with our daughter in suburban Seattle, walked to the Amtrak station, and boarded the Cascade train for Portland. The only extra baggage was a shopping bag with zucchini bread for our hosts & our son. The walk was easy with very intermittent light rain and 51F.


Amtrak is comfortable, with leather seats, nice legroom, a chance to stretch, a snack bar with a few tables, seat trays & wi-fi. A TV monitor shows en route progress, with times to the next stop (including warning messages as you approach). This route runs under the new Tacoma Narrows bridge, along Puget Sound, past intermittent forest & farmland, before following the Columbia River to Portland. Much more relaxing than driving.



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  1. Amy December 23, 2011 at 4:32 pm · Reply

    You gave me a peak at the trip from Seattle, past Woodland (our home town) and on to Portland plus a lot of memories of the time we traveled to Denmark, Norway, Sweden & Finland for 5 weeks with nothing to check — only carry-on! It worked fine in a burdensome way! We had a lot more “stuff” than you, but our practice now has reverted to “if you’ve got space, fill it up”! Thanks for the fun and memories, Amy

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